How to keep your forklift (owned or hire) safe from rodents

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How to keep your forklift (owned or hire) safe from rodents.

Whether you’re operating a toyota, a crown, a hyster, a komatsu – you need to maintain your forklift hire.

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Rodents are the nemesis to anything that runs on an engine, particularly a forklift. It’s even worse in agricultural areas that have high rodent population. Whether you hire a forklift or own one, be aware.

The problem with rodents is that once they get to the wiring, they can cause very expensive damage. Read on as we share tips on how to rodent-proof your forklift today: 

  • First, you should spray rodent-proof peppermint oil on the entire surface of the engine. The engine bay is where most rodents tend to nest, so if you protect this area they’re less likely to look for shelter elsewhere.

Some say it’s as simple as crushing mint leaves and rubbing the paste onto your engine. But, by far the best method is to get highly concentrated peppermint oil. With this method, all you have to do is place cotton balls all over the forklift interior, and replenish them regularly with peppermint oil to prevent rodent problems. 

  • Eliminate access holes such as the pressure release vent. 
  • Also, don’t put rat bait or rat traps with peanut butter on top of the motor because it actually attracts rodents. You’ll end up with more rodents than you initially had. 
  • Use a mouse blocker. The benefit of using this device is that it’s easy to install and it emits a sound that repels rodents from afar. It’s advisable to place it in an open area and away from any form of insulation, while making use of the different settings available. The sound, along with the LED light emitted the mouse blocker, is very disturbing and toxic to rodents.

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