Forklifts Care Tips

Did you know that more than 11% of the forklifts in use today will be involved in an accident? Most of these expensive mishaps result in serious injury. And, they are almost always caused by a failure to follow OHS-approved care and safety guidelines.

You see, Worksafe VIC issues workplace health and safety guidelines for each sector, including requirements for forklifts.

We’ve put together a short guide of the most important forklift care tips to apply if you want to get the most out of your hoist. Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

–        When driving, the last thing you want is to back up into a pellet and damage the products. But, that’s exactly what happens when a forklift driver loads and unloads items without looking. To properly operate a hoist, it’s important to check your rear-view area regularly. Also, keep your speed at 3 to 6 mph.

–       The rule of thumb to follow when watering the battery is: “if you can drink the water, then it’s safe to pour it into your battery”.

–       Never water an empty forklift battery. Make sure it’s fully charged first to maintain optimal electrolyte levels.

–       Thoroughly inspect your forklift every day before you operate it. Make sure that everything is working as it should. Because, you don’t want any surprises while trying to hoist a box or a pellet. 

–       Use a type of oil that suits the weather conditions of where you live.  

–       Keep the radiator, tires, battery and air filter clean and in good condition at all times.

Follow these and other tips to keep your forklift in good nic through all the seasons.

take care of your forklift
Don’t let yours end up like this

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