What to Look for When Buying a Used Forklift

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We, at Damoli Forklifts are constantly being asked: “what should I look for when purchasing a used forklift?”. The first thing to determine should always be, what is the forklift’s history and where has it been used?  This will allow you to ensure that it hasn’t been operating in corrosive areas or used for rough applications.  If you have an idea of where a forklift came from then generally you will know how it has been treated and its condition. Another crucial point is identifying why you are buying a forklift and what you need the forklift to be able to do. It is always important when shopping for a forklift to know exactly what your requirements are?  What is the maximum weight you plan to lift?  Are there height restrictions at your worksite?  What is the height of your racking? Where is the load centre of your product.  Purchasing a forklift that does not meet your specific needs may prevent the job from being accomplished efficiently or in the worse case it may prevent the job being completed at all. The number of hours a forklift has is important to a lot of companies. Fortunately, one of the great features of quality forklifts, such as Toyotas and Hysters forklift is that they generally can continue to run well anywhere between 20,000-25,000 hours.  We have had Toyota forklifts in our hire fleet with 34,000 hours which still run efficiently, this is pretty impressive and an indication of a quality product. If you’re looking at buying a forklift and operating it for only one to two hours a day, it is safe to say that purchasing a forklift with 10,000-15,000 hours on it will be sufficient for your needs. Think of it as buying a Holden or Ford sedan, averaging around 100 – 150,000 km on it. If you take care of it, it will take care of you.  However, if you need the forklift to run seven plus hours a day, it is recommended you look at a newer piece of equipment with around 3000-8000 hours on the gauge. Who do you buy a forklift from?  We at Damoli Forklifts would always recommend buying a forklift from a reputable forklift dealer that is able to offer you the complete package.  Make sure the company has their own trained mechanics who are able to provide ongoing service and maintenance for your purchase.  Check that the dealer can supply hire forklifts to fill the gaps during your peak seasons. A supplier who has their own transport will be able to efficiently deliver forklifts straight to your site without having to subcontract to unreliable unknown 3rd parties. Check out the company’s star rating on Google, this will tell you a lot about how much effort the dealer puts into supplying quality forklifts.  All this equates to finding a reputable dealer who is interested in building a relationship with you to help lift your business.  You don’t want to become another number that is forgotten as soon as the sold sign is placed on the forklift. And, most importantly, find a dealer who offers 12 months warranty on their used forklifts for your peace of mind. You have a lot of options when selecting a used forklift. We at Damoli hope this blog assists you a little more with what to look for to help lift your business. If you would like to discuss more with trained professionals call us at Damoli Forklift Services on 1300 32 66 54.