Which forklift is right for me?

If forklift hire is a necessity for you, it is important you understand what it is you are looking for specifically. Forklifts are essential equipment in various industries. It is easier to move heavy vehicles and to keep on top of your safety requirement. Also, they come in many classes and types. From electric and gasoline-powered to diesel-powered. 

Each type is designed for a particular job and a particular operating environment.  Hire a forklift based on your needs. Call us to discuss the best option.

Some options to consider:

  • Cushion-tyre forklift is designed for indoor warehouse use on concrete floors. A cushion-tyre truck uses a number of different tyres. Its standard tyre is black and the front uses a tread design. Also, the rear tyres for steering are usually smooth. The options are a non-marking tyre which doesn’t have colour black in it, to prevent getting black marks on your concrete. Alternatively, you can opt for the poly-tyre whose traction is suitable for a freezer or cooler. 
  • Pneumatic style tyre forklift has a larger tyre design. It’s designed for outdoor use on loose gravel and sometimes even dirt. That is, well compacted dirt. There are solid pneumatic style tyres and standard pneumatic style tyres which has a tube and air valve. 

The style of forklift you choose will depend on your particular application. For instance, most warehouses use cushion-tyre forklift trucks because the tyres don’t cause wear and tear on concrete surfaces. 

But, if you’re loading and unloading on an alley or street then you you should opt for an outdoor-style truck with larger diameter tyres that moves better on gravel and compact soil, which is the pneumatic style forklift. 

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Just for fun, here’s some of our favourite forklift puns.

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