Reach Forklift Vs Counterbalance Forklift

Reach Forklifts

Are you looking to purchase a new forklift to maximise efficiency and productivity in your workplace? You might be wondering whether you should invest in a traditional counterbalance forklift or a sophisticated reach forklift. Both are indispensable to businesses throughout many sectors, and each type has its own unique features and benefits. Damoli Forklift Services is Melbourne’s one-stop shop for forklift sales, hire, and transport. Here we will look at counterbalance and reach forklifts to help you make the best decision for your needs.

What is a Counterbalance Forklift?

With incredible versatility and proven performance, counterbalance forklifts have long been established as the leaders in the lifting industry. With dual forks at the front to transport heavy loads, these forklifts incorporate a heavy counterweight that off-sets the weight of the load being carried in front.

  • Available in a variety in fuelling options (LPG, petrol, diesel, battery), sizes, and designs.
  • Greater ground clearance – a better choice for uneven surfaces or outside applications.
  • Engineered to safely lift a wide range of weights ranging from 1.8T up to 48T.
  • Can be fitted with a wide variety of attachments (ramps, rotators, carpet poles).

Without the counterweight, these forklifts would become extremely unbalanced when picking up heavy loads and be at risk of tipping forwards or over.

What is a Reach Forklift?

Also known as a reach truck, a reach forklift derives its name from the distinctive way in which its fork carriages can reach into racking. This is achieved by its two outer legs; these distribute the load weight and prevent it from tipping.

  • Compact size – with legs for stability and heavy electric batteries on board, there is no need for a counterbalance weight. This allows for the reach forklift to have a more compact body.
  • More Manoeuvrable – reach forklifts can operate in narrow aisles (2.4 meters), whereas a counterbalance forklift’s minimum requirement is around 3.7 meters. This means there is large reduction in the turning circle of the forklift, making it easier to navigate tighter spaces.
  • Smaller profile – in addition to their smaller design, a reach forklift’s cargo is lifted back within the wheelbase, ensuring a smaller profile even when fully loaded.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all reach forklifts are designed the same. Some use a scissor mechanism, which allows for single or double reaching into racking. Others use a hydraulic system of rails which enables the entire mast to move forwards. You should take into consideration all options and ask for expert advice from a forklift specialist so that you can invest in the reach forklift that will be best suited to your specific needs.

Which Forklift Type is Best?

For indoor environments, especially those with narrow aisles and higher shelves to reach, a manoeuvrable machine that is capable of reaching in excess of ten meters makes the reach forklift an ideal solution. For outdoor work, or where a machine is needed both indoors and outdoors, a counterbalance forklift would be the better option. Counterbalance forklifts are also best for general material handling and heavier loads, and for workplaces with open spaces.;

Choosing the Right Forklift for You

Selecting the most appropriate forklift for your work environment can increase productivity and improve safety, potentially saving you large amounts of time and money. Ultimately, deciding which forklift is best for you will be determined by your worksite and the tasks that the machine will be required to undertake on a daily basis. For genuine advice, get in touch with the team at Damoli today. With decades of experience, we can suggest and source the right forklift to suit your needs and budget. Call 1300 326 654 to discuss your forklift requirements with our friendly professionals.

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