Confined Space: which forklift is best?

Confined space can be difficult to navigate at the best of times. And, add in the need for a forklift and you’ve really got a challenge ahead of you. Or do you?

Retailers and business owners want to maximise the amount of usable space in their existing warehouse.

One way to do this is by reconfiguring warehouse setups with narrower aisles. Then, all that is required are using very narrow aisle (VNA) material handling units.

So, VNA units are able to operate in smaller width aisles and spaces. This allows for the reclaimed space to be filled with other stock. And the bonus is, it is safe in a confined space.

Confined space: Reach forklifts fit tight spaces

Therefore, let’s look at the best narrow and tight space units.

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Reach Forklift

Always reliable, the Crown is a great choice for a tight space. With a high reach, of almost 7m, you can utilise high space too.

Popular reach forklift

Second, a Linde is understated and often overlooked. But for no good reason, as this machine does very well for you. Getting a quality 2T forklift at a great point.

Forklift for tight spaces

Also, BT forklift is built to last. A great option that includes a side shift and a double deep reach for extra high requirements.

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