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Performing a Forklift Service means understanding a lot about mechanics. Let’s start with the first one you need to understand: How forklift hydraulics work.

Do you ever stop to think about what an amazing machine a forklift is? Just imagine the amount of work that would be involved if we didn’t have them. For instance, hauling large objects and stacking warehouse pallets… we wouldn’t be nearly as productive as we are! 

Forklift hydraulics make this possible.

So, what are forklift hydraulics? It’s the process which makes it possible for the forklift machine to operate in the first place. The forklift hydraulic system includes:

  • First of all, a constant supply of hydraulic fluid to the control valve is made by the pump. This pump is typically shaped like a gear. 
  • Next, you have the control valve. This moves the hydraulic fluid in controlled spools. Basically, it regulates the hydraulic pressure. 
  • And then, the relief valve is important. Because it is there to prevent the build up of pressure on the hydraulic system. It’s essential at maintaining forklift hydraulic pressure.
  • Most importantly, the return line is there. Because it channels the hydraulic fluid back into the tank. This is the final component of the hydraulic system. 

How forklift hydraulics work

The forklift hydraulics system uses cylinders. These look like closed tubes with a rod on the inside. Pressurised fluid is inserted into the tube using hydraulic lines. This causes the rod to protrude as the fluid looks for the path of least resistance.

Forklift hydraulics are responsible for vital forklift functions. This includes, lifting the machine’s load-bearing prongs, moving pallets around. Most importantly, balancing the forks when carrying a load. Therefore, it’s a valuable aspect of the forklift.

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