Forklift Low Hours : when is it time to replace?

forklift low hours for sale

Forklift low hours are often overlooked. When running a warehouse, retail or hospitality operation, it’s important to know when to replace your forklift. Reduce maintenance interruptions, improve productivity and most importantly, save money on high cost repairs – maximising your return on investment. In short, the profitability of your business can be significantly enhanced.

Forklifts that are not appropriately maintained or utilised well, means productivity decreases and profits suffer. So how do you determine the right hours?

Companies often make the mistake of using forklifts for longer than advised. They continue to repair their forklift rather than replace it. Often, more money is spent on fixing old forklifts rather than replacing them with better ones. Many also fail to take into consideration the hidden costs of decreased productivity. Non-productivity of forklifts will result in a loss of profit and should be avoided.

Forklift Lifetime

Some forklifts may remain active for 10 years or more, however, these forklifts may no longer operate efficiently. For every forklift, there is a limit to its economic effectiveness. Alas, the cost to maintain it exceeds the cost to replace it.

These factors are affecting your forklift lifetime:

– Type of forklift
– Age of design
– The number of hours it operates daily
– The type of maintenance it receives
– The severity of the use
– The number of hours it started with on purchase
– The cleaning and carhours for sale

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