Time to buy a new forklift? Here’s how to operate it like a pro

These days, warehouse technology is advancing and the demands of Melbourne worksites using them means it’s a challenge to find equipment that fits all needs like a glove. Vital to a majority of modern industrial and commercial businesses, forklifts are one of these essentials. Because of this, it’s important to invest in buying a new model that’s up to scratch, regularly maintained and easy enough to use.

Reducing workplace risks is half the priority when it comes to stock management and flow, and having a new forklift readily on hand can minimise liability greatly. In the end, the type of machinery you choose will determine just how easy it all operates, but there are also some handy tips you can keep in mind in order to operate yours like a pro.

Key ways to drive a forklift like an expert

  1. Assess your surroundings: Firstly, make sure you take the time to look up while driving. Any low-hanging obstacles could damage the equipment or worse – yourself. Make sure there is nothing in the way in your path, including those around you. And don’t forget to assess things on the ground, too – not just overhead.
  2. Use safe heights: Keep the loads that you carry low to the ground. The higher you carry the stock, the more likely they are to become unbalanced. To avoid damaging the load, machinery or those around you, make sure to abide by this rule.
  3. Try not to get distracted: Forklift drivers in Melbourne – in general – have less supervision than others in the workplace. This job comes with more freedom, but do not let it get the best of you. You still need to minimise talking to others and avoid becoming unfocused or lazy.
  4. Carefully work out how to utilise ramps: One of the hardest parts of driving this type of machinery is finding your balance on ramps. Make sure that everyone who will be operating the vehicle has had some practice using ramps efficiently. If your staff are also light in weight, with not a lot to keep them balanced on the vehicle, there’s also the risk of becoming unbalanced. To combat this, they’ll need to master how to move up and down ramps with plenty of practice and training.
  5. Know your limits: How you’re feeling on the day actually has a lot to do with how well you’ll drive any new forklift. From maintaining an energising, healthy diet to keep you focused, through to remaining alert as much as possible – all of this will help you stay alert in case challenges arise.

Some of these tips may seem obvious but reinforcing them when you are preparing to buy a new forklift in Melbourne, or before gearing up to use the vehicle, is crucial for maintaining the best possible performance.

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