LPG, Diesel, Lithium: Which Forklift drives the future of food processing & distribution?

diesel forklift

LPG forklift (gas forklift) or a diesel forklift or lithium battery forklift: no matter the requirement, all types are here to stay for a long time. And we have made it our mission to ensure we bring you options for all requirements.

Forklifts drive the future

Many of today’s refrigerated and frozen food processors seek alternative power sources for use in warehouse equipment such as forklifts and pallet trucks. That is why Damoli is leading the way, by partnering with Lithium Battery Forklift producer, BYD, to bring zero emission and low emission options.

They do not emit gas during charging, so they do not require special battery rooms. This is especially important for reducing costs associated with battery management. Lithium-ion batteries are also maintenance free, eliminating the need for battery watering and avoids exposure to harmful vapour.

In the years ahead, no one will need to plug, unplug or maintain a battery charging system. But there is still a place for the standard operating LPG forklift (gas forklift) and Diesel forklift.

LPG forklifts have lower upfront costs, as they do not require recharging equipment or batteries. You just need to have a gas bottle handy for when your current bottle runs out. Also, as these forklifts do not require batteries, you won’t need to organise safe battery disposal.

If your business needs a forklift for heavy loads in an outdoor setting, then a diesel forklift may be the best option for your operations.

Diesel forklifts offer the heaviest lifting capacity.

Damoli Forklift Services offer one-stop shop for forklift hire, sales and servicing. We have a wide range of gas, diesel and electric forklifts ranging from 1 tonne right through to 45 tonne container handlers. We also have high reach forklifts and specialised scissor lifts available.