How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Forklift?

Hire a forklift

A forklift is an indispensable machine for many businesses, and whilst there are some well-maintained and affordable used forklifts for sale, often it’s more practical to hire rather than buy one. At Damoli Forklift Services, we are Melbourne’s one stop shop for forklift sales, hire, and support. We are often asked how much it costs to hire a forklift, and this is a difficult question to answer. There are several factors which determine the rental price for a forklift, so here we will look at what some of those factors are and how they play a role in the quoting process.

Rental Period

Forklift rentals are typically available in daily, weekly, and monthly increments and generally, hire fees are scaled based on the timeframe required. If you require it for less than 7 days you will pay a daily fee, if you need it for more than a week but less than a month you will pay a weekly fee and you will pay a monthly rate for any time beyond that. It is important to understand how long you will need to rent the machine for as this will help you choose the right contract length, saving you money. Most rental companies understand that projects can move quicker or slower than expected and will therefore adjust the rate if needed. For example, if you hire a forklift for 4 days but end up with it for a week or longer, a good rental company will adjust your quote to a weekly rate, which is cheaper pro-rata each day.

Operating Capacity

The higher the operating capacity and lift height, the higher the rental rate will be. The operating capacity is how much weight the forklift can safely handle. Understanding the typical dimensions and weight of your loads, as well as the required lifting height and your functionality needs will ensure you hire the right forklift that can handle your job. If your loads vary in capacity, you may want to hire a forklift with more capacity than you need, but this will cost you more.

Type of Forklift

Rental fees vary for different kinds of forklifts. Pallet jacks will cost less to hire than a telehandler forklift. The brand, age and condition of the machine may also influence the rental price; a newer model with high performance features will likely cost you more. Electric forklifts may also be more expensive to hire than their LPG counterparts. They are usually more expensive to purchase so hire companies often charge a higher rental fee. If you need a specialty forklift, please contact us and we’ll find the perfect solution for you.


The location of your jobsite may also impact the hire cost. In remote areas, there may be just one equipment hire company from whom you can rent a forklift and in these instances companies often charge a premium as there is little competition.

Delivery and Pickup

Transportation costs for a forklift are mainly determined by the size of the machine and the distance it must go. Delivery and pickup can cost anywhere from $50 to $500 depending on how far it must be transported. If you have the ability to pick up the machine, you will save on these costs.

How To Get the Best Forklift Hire Rates?

Start by understanding the type, size, and weight of materials to be moved, how high they need to go, the conditions in which the forklift will operate and how long you will need to hire the forklift for – knowing all of this will help you determine which is the right forklift for your needs and ensure you receive the most cost-effective solution for your job.

For expert advice or to arrange forklift hire today, get in touch with the professionals at Damoli Forklift Services. Offering high-quality machines and very competitive rates, we are here to help you hire the right forklift for your needs and budget. Call us today on 1300 326 654 or enquire online now.

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