Forklift Sale Frenzy: Black Friday Bonanza Brings Big Lifts at Unbelievable Prices!

forklift sale black friday forklift sale

Forklift sale like you have never seen before… Attention all warehouse wizards, logistics legends, and forklift enthusiasts! The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived – our Black Friday Extravaganza is here, and it’s bringing you deals so epic, even forklifts are doing a happy dance! Prepare yourselves for a two-day blitz of forklift frenzy where dreams of soaring pallets and smooth logistics become reality.

SALE ONLY ON: Thursday 23rd November & Friday 24th November 2023

forklift sale black friday forklift sale

Unleash the Forklift Fiesta

Picture this: A sea of forklifts standing tall, ready to elevate your warehouse game. For the next two days, our forklift fleet is up for grabs at prices so low, you’ll think we’ve gone a little loopy with the discounts. Over 40 forklifts are waiting for their forever homes, and we’re making sure they find them at prices that will make your CFO do a double take.

Forklift Fantasia: From Compact to Mighty

Whether you’re in need of a compact forklift to navigate tight spaces or a mighty powerhouse to lift the heaviest loads, our Black Friday sale has it all. From nimble electric forklifts to robust diesel beasts, we’ve slashed prices across the board. Need a reliable partner for your warehouse adventures? Look no further.

The Big Lift: Discounts That Defy Gravity

We’re not playing around with discounts – we’re defying gravity! Our Black Friday prices have plummeted to levels that will have you questioning reality. It’s not a glitch; it’s a forklift phenomenon. The savings are so colossal; you might just need a forklift to lift your jaw off the floor!

Why Now? Because Black Friday Waits for No One

You might be wondering, “Why now?” Well, why not now? Black Friday is the Everest of shopping events, and we’re here to help you conquer it. These deals are like shooting stars – here today, gone tomorrow. Don’t be the one left staring at the night sky, wondering why you didn’t seize the opportunity to snag a forklift at a price that’ll have your competitors scratching their heads.

The 48-Hour Rush: Act Fast or Forklift FOMO

This is not a drill! The clock is ticking, and the forklifts are flying off the virtual shelves. Our Black Friday Bonanza lasts for a mere 48 hours, so you better act fast before the forklift FOMO sets in. Set your alarms, mark your calendars, and get ready to make the forklift purchase of a lifetime.

How to Join the Forklift Frenzy

  1. Head to our website at on Black Friday.
  2. Browse our fleet of forklifts and choose your dream machine.
  3. Revel in the jaw-dropping discounts as you add to cart.
  4. Complete your purchase and await the arrival of your forklift superhero.

So there you have it – the forklift event of the year is upon us. Don’t miss your chance to ride the forklift frenzy wave and elevate your logistics game. Black Friday only comes once a year, and these forklifts won’t wait forever. Seize the moment, seize the forklift, and let the lifting adventure begin!

Damoli Forklift Services offer one-stop shop for forklift hire, sales and servicing. We have a wide range of gas, diesel and electric forklifts ranging from 1 tonne right through to 45 tonne container handlers. We also have high reach forklifts and specialised scissor lifts available.