Petrol forklifts for sale – cleaner, efficient and reliable

There are several different fuels used for this line of machinery these days, with electric, diesel and LPG highly popular across the market. These all have their own benefits and are suited to different tasks, though, so it’s important to get your head around what features are included with each type.

The traditional petrol-powered option is a great all-around choice. However, to fully maximise your machinery, it’s always worthwhile employing the best possible techniques and guidelines for usage.

Can you use used petrol forklifts indoors?

Fumes from the exhaust can become a hazard indoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them in these spaces at all. In a well ventilated, larger indoor area, they’re fine to use – so long as proper carbon monoxide monitors are installed for safety.

A catalytic converter to oxidise carbon monoxide, as well as fuel control devices to maintain the right fuel-air ratio, are also ways you can optimise the space for indoor usage. For small, confined areas – like shipping containers – it is advised to use electric-based vehicles instead.

How much petrol fuel do they use?

This depends entirely on how the machine is used as well as the fuel efficiency it carries. Like driver behaviour impacts how much fuel you use in your car, the way you use your forklift will have a bearing on how much petrol the machine will burn through.

Gradual acceleration (especially up inclines or gradients) is advised, as opposed to pushing the engine harder, which uses more petrol. It is also important to shut the machine off when not in use, while vehicle management systems can assist in providing data that can help improve your fuel efficiency.

Regular services and maintenance can help improve your fuel efficiency as well, and all of Damoli’s hire machines come fully serviced and ready to operate. We can assist with ongoing servicing and maintenance of our sale options if you require it.

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Damoli has a wide range of second-hand petrol forklifts for hire and sale. We also offer maintenance and service solutions on your fleet, allowing you to ensure zero downtime from faulty machinery.

Explore some of the biggest brands on the market –  including Toyota, Crown, Hyster, Nickiyu and Daewoo. We also have pallet movers and high-reach models available for sale and hire.

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