Take on the big jobs with our range of 3 tonne forklifts for sale

For large-scale haulage, you need a piece of machinery that is capable of standing up to the heavy loads over long periods of time.

Damoli has a range of options available, as well as pallet movers that can handle 3 and 3.5-tonne loads, allowing you to get the job done quickly and reliably. All models come from industry-leading brands like Toyota, Crown, Mitsubishi, Hyster and Nichiyu and more.

Browse a selection of electric, LPG or diesel options – all of which are maintained and serviced to the highest of standards. Sale, hire, and second-hand options are also available.

Browse our selection  of 3-tonne forklifts for sale

Stationary mast

These models have a two-stage assembly that features two rails – one stationary and one movable. However, they require overhead space for the mast to raise higher than the load, which needs to be taken into consideration if you plan on working indoors or in confined spaces.

Damoli has a number of options available, including the Toyota 3 tonne forklift with a standard mast. This operates on LPG, has a height of five metres and comes with a 12-month warranty.

Container mast

If you need to work in confined spaces, like shipping containers or where there are mezzanine floors inside your warehouse, this is the option for you.

These models are very versatile and can be operated in confined spaces without the overhead clearance required, but are also capable of large heights in outdoor environments as well.

Alternatively, choose the TCM model for a vehicle that runs on LPG. This option has a height of 4.3 metres and a capacity of 3 tonnes.

Electric pallet movers

If you are looking to move large volumes of stock around, these pallet movers can get the job done.

For a machine designed to shift product from A to B without the need for lifting, these are a great, hard-working option.

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