Damoli Videos

One of the major focuses for the Damoli Forklift Team is to do things differently to other forklift companies. We do this through our high standard of customer service, the relationships we build with our customers and the fact that we can laugh at ourselves! Damoli Forklifts wants to be a company that our staff love to work for and that our customers love to deal with. We could go with traditional corporate branding videos or we could show that we are real people who love what we do.

The idea of the videos stemmed from our policy of naming our hire forklifts rather than using standard (boring) fleet numbers. Our forklifts are a valuable part of our team and we understand that they can also be a integral part of our clients’ businesses. As such each of our forklifts develop their own personality and our videos show how much we love our forklifts even if (in the videos at least) they don’t quite get things right all the time. Our staff are also obviously a major part of the videos and they enjoy taking part in them. Outside of Hollywood, what other workplace gives staff the opportunity to develop their acting skills? You never know, maybe an Academy Award is on the cards next year.